Learn Coding

Coding has now been introduced into primary school curriculum, and inevitably some children will take to it very quickly and find they are not being challenged by the level of coding being taught.

As a volunteer for Codeclub and a STEM Ambassador I already run two after school clubs in Hertfordshire, (one Primary and one Secondary) where I provide an alternative approach to the curriculum guidelines.

I also run other coding clubs in primary schools with charges made to the parents.

I already have a number of individual pupils taught on a one-to-one basis and a small group of 6 who attend weekly, and share the cost between them.

If you, or your children would benefit from individual or group tuition, I can assist with the following coding languages:

  • Visual Basic 6 (Also used in MS Office Macros)
  • Visual Studio 2015 with the .Net Framework
  • C / C++ / C#
  • Lua
  • Python
  • HTML / CSS
  • Java

Many languages have similar syntax and functions, so it is relatively easy to learn a new one once you understand general coding principles.