Hardware Setup

Are you trying to do any of the following, but need help?

  • Get your internet working
  • Extend your wired or wireless network
  • Setup Linux Enigma2 satellite receivers
  • Connect a Smart TV, Chromecast, NowTV, Plex Server
  • Use a NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • Install a printer (direct connection, ethernet, wi-fi)

Repairs, Network and Internet Problems

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms with your desktop, laptop or tablet?

  • No sign of life.
  • Blank screen.
  • Starts, but shuts off again.
  • Starts but gets stuck and does not respond.
  • Mouse and /or keyboard not working properly
  • Error messages popping up.
  • No internet connection
  • Programs not working properly
  • Any other hardware or software issues

For any of the above, go to the contact page and get in touch. If you are familiar with email, use that for first contact. If not there are numbers for landline and mobile. Give me a call!

If I think I can help, I will take a look. Most hardware and software repairs can be done on-site. If I cannot repair there is no charge, otherwise an estimate will be given. As a starting point £49 plus parts as a guide for repairs.