I used to offer lessons at your home, but due to increased demand I can no longer offer that service.

Instead I have kitted out a couple of rooms as computer labs with both desktop and laptop PCs, a Minecraft server, gigabit ethernet connection, network colour laser printer, 3D printer and document scanner. There are Raspberry Pi and Arduino microprocessors available, and to complete the STEM experience, solder stations and a metalworking lathe.

Tuition for school age students is to assist with understanding and improving your coding skills. I will not be completing your homework and assignments! (Although I might be able to help if you are stuck)

One to One lessons

  • If you have your own laptop, bring it along, otherwise use the facilities I already have
  • In line with typical local tuition charges the cost is £35 per hour or £60 for two hours in one session.
  • Bus Pass holders £30 per hour or £50 for two hours in one session.
  • There is a 10% discount for 6 hours or more lessons booked in advance.


Group lessons

  • If you get together with friends or relatives and want to take advantage of a single fee for a group of up to six people, the cost is £45 for one hour, or £85 for two hours.
  • This also applies to school age students who might want to study together.