Who do you help?

Anybody from age 8 to 80+ with an intention to learn about modern technology

I am a member of Codeclub and a STEM Ambassador where I am involved in running after-school computer clubs in two local schools on a voluntary basis, and a number of other schools with fees aversging on £5 per pupil per session.

What do you do?

If you are new to computers and unsure of using email, searching for information, video chat with family or friends, using social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook, online banking and shopping, Ebay etc. I can guide you through the process and help you avoid the pitfalls.

If you are learning to code either as a hobby, at school or college, and require further tuition or support, I can help you with most computer languages, even if I have not studied them specifically. I am familiar with Z80 Assembler, VB6 (old school stuff), C, C++, Python, Lua and HTML. I will shortly be familiarising myself with C# and Java, as they are now being taught at A level.

This website has been created with HTML5, with some CSS at a very basic level. It will be updated and improved as part of the tuition process with one of the after school clubs.

Where does it all happen?

I have a computer lab setup in St. Albans

When can you help?

From 9:00 to late afternoon and evenings on weekdays. School computer clubs take priority.

Why do you bother?

I have had an obsessive interest in computers since 1981 when I became the proud owner of a Sinclair ZX81. Since then I have continued to modify, build, repair and hack computers and other technology. Over the years, friends, family and colleagues have asked me to fix their hardware, and request custom software for various purposes. I have retired from my profession and would like to make use of the skills I have learned over the years to help others. I started with Codeclub as a volunteer, but that does not pay the bills!

How does it all work? What happens next?

Go to the contact page and get in touch. If you are familiar with email, use that for first contact. If not there are numbers for landline and mobile. Give me a call!